Motorcycle 2016 VICTORY GUNNER

28 May

Detail specification and motor features of 2016 VICTORY GUNNER, the detail information

Pictures as good as examination 2016 VICTORY GUNNER of the quick cars article. Feel suffer when review these engines as good as automobile information, embody selection 2016 VICTORY GUNNER as good as features.

 victory car
Daytona Bike Week is the good place to be reminded which reduction can be more. Just an hour outlayed examination the tackily detailed hardware hurl down Main Street creates we comprehend how most people upset beauty with bedazzlement. So, what the pleasure to outlay the day roving the singular of the most aesthetically elegant, sensitively voluptuous cruisers upon the marketplace today: Victory’s 2016 Gunner.
Yes, it’s fundamentally a Judge wearing brand brand brand new 24-spoke expel aluminum shoes, as good as the little dress instead of the robe, yet for the parts-bin bike, it looks unequivocally most similar to the own animal. A dark, robust the singular which turns heads as good as prompts questions.
Victory is job the brand brand brand new indication the “bobber,” in salute to the resurfacing direction of chopping though lengthening, something done large in the ’40s as good as ’50s when morality was in style. But the claimed 649-pound Gunner, with the outrageous Freedom 106 V-Twin, is the singular big-ass bike to be called the “bobber,” the nomination typically indifferent for agile, lightweight bikes with inner-city appeal: think Harley-Davidson Sportster, StarBolt, Triumph Bonneville…the minimalist arrange of thing.
But what the heck. While reduction can be more, it’s additionally loyal which bigger can spasmodic be better, as good as in the box of the Gunner, reduction + bigger = an the single some-more fun bobber.
This is the framework as good as drivetrain we know unequivocally well, so as expected, we desired using the Gunner around Daytona, as good as generally down the little of the backroads which concede for lengthened romping.
The framework is plain in feel, as good as yet it facilities the low demeanour as good as the low 25-inch chair height, the Gunner won’t grub pegs nearby as simply as the little of Victory’s some-more chopper-esque models. Steering feel is not during all heavy, as good as tracking by corners is best for such the large cruiser. The delivery is additionally what we already know: industrial in feel, unequivocally loud, yet with loyal shifts as good as no sport for neutral. Braking scores for this large bobber have been usually decent, as good as would be most softened by an the single some-more 300mm front to compare the singular section now used up front. A singular 300mm front is additionally used to carry out the back wheel.
Speaking of wheels, the brand brand brand new black, unclothed metal-edged, 24-spoke expel aluminum numbers unequivocally assistance quantify the Gunner’s altogether assertive styling. They additionally trim off the little weight, creation the Gunner about 10 pounds lighter than the patrimonial Judge as good as arm-draping Highball. The piece for the single person saddle upon the Gunner was comfy for the day ride, as good as the black, swept club was an easy strech for this average-size rider.
We attempted multiform accessorized versions of the Gunner, together with the couple of with some-more custom-looking club styles, yet in my opinion, nothing felt some-more gentle or looked softened than the batch version. There were the little overwhelming pieces as good as baubles we would supplement to the Gunner, however, starting with the red chronicle of the Solo Mission seat, accent-enhancing red hint block wires, as good as the discretionary tachometer. And if we were roving in Florida, or the little alternative state where the infancy of days would be outlayed rolling straight-up as good as cozy, I’d bombard out for floorboards as good as journey control.
For many, the jury is still out upon either this easily restyled Judge is the indeed the bobber or only an additional approach for Victory to turn the tub full of Big Twins. But during $ 12,999 (that’s the grand reduction than the Judge as good as 5 hundred next the High-Ball) it’s certainly the singular large wannabe bobber of the bargain.
2015 Victory Gunner
PRICE $ 12,999
ENGINE TYPE air-cooled 1731cc V-twin
BORE & STROKE 101.0 x 108.0mm
FINAL DRIVE Toothed belt
FRONT SUSPENSION 43mm fork, 5.1 in. of travel
REAR SUSPENSION Single shock, 3.0 in. of travel
FRONT BRAKE Single 300mm disc, four-piston caliper
REAR BRAKE Single 300mm disc, dual-piston caliper
FRONT TIRE Dunlop 491 E2-RWL, 130/90 B16 67H
REAR TIRE Dunlop 491 E2-RWL 140/90 B16 77H
RAKE 32.0º
WHEELBASE 64.8 in.
SEAT HEIGHT 25.0 in.
DRY WEIGHT 649 lb.
FUEL ECONOMY est. 45 mpg

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