Motorcycle Triumph presenting iconic motorcycles in India

26 May

Detail specification and motor features of Triumph presenting iconic motorcycles in India, the detail information

Triumph presenting iconic motorcycles in India – Motorbike manufacturer Triumph Motorcycles LTD, plans to start its expansion by presenting a variety of iconic motorcycles in India, in November 2016.

Triumph motorcycle

Triumph presenting iconic motorcycles in India
After read from autoevolution, British motorcycle manufacturer is to no longer have to import CBU variants. Because the tax for CBU vehicles in India as very high.

Triumph plans to assemble some iconic motorcycle models from CKD-down kits imported from factories in Manesar, in Haryana state. Construction of the plant was nearing completion, and manufacturers will soon announce to market their products in November this year.

However, before doing CKD fully, Triumph engine will first be present in a small factory in Manesar, near New Delhi. Triumph parties themselves very hopeful with CKD production can increase sales in the country of Hindustan, mainly due to lower prices of CKD products than CBU products.

Indeed, a large motorcycle manufacturer from England, Triumph, also chose to play in a small engine segment. There are several reasons that make Triumph participate in this class, including the reasons for an efficient engine. The plan, Triumph will launch a motorcycle with a 250cc engine. Although only a 250cc, it still adopts motor sport-style parallel twin.

“2016 is a crucial year for Triumph in India, and as a company we believe at this time as the perfect time to enter the Indian market,” said Paul Stroud, Triumph sales and marketing director.

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