Motorcycle Ben Spies in dragrace use Ducati Diavel

26 May

Detail specification and motor features of Ben Spies in dragrace use Ducati Diavel, the detail information


Ben Spies in dragrace use Ducati Diavel – Pramac Ducati Texas mainstay rider, Ben Spies, will go down in the event dragrace on a straight track Brickyard, Indiana, United States. In its action, Spies will use custom Ducati Diavel specifically prepared for him.

Ducati Diavel

Ben Spies in dragrace use Ducati Diavel
After read from autoevolution, Spies action on the straight track is part of a charity event aimed Spies friends who are injured due to race ahead of Dave Stanton once warming Indianapolis MotoGP race actually held this weekend.

As is known, Spies had just recovered from an injury he experienced while fighting at MotoGP event. As a result of the incident that he experienced, riders from the United States must pass seven series.

For your information, Ducati Diavel that would ride Spies prepared by Advanced Motorsports Ducati (AMD) in Dallas, United States of America. Not only experienced changes on the body design, the Italian sports motorcycle too is experiencing a touch of modification on sectors kitchen runway.

So what has changed? Advanced Motorsports Ducati to replace a number of components such as piston, high compression pistons, titanium valves, camshaft and crankshaft as and adjustments on the cylinder head. The result Ducati Diavel power boost up to 175 PS or 25 PS of power early.

While the outward appearance is maximized by rhizomes accessories products such as carbon fiber fairing lights, aluminum handlebars, grips, brake and clutch levers, and cover / lid master brake, clutch and coolant pump. Finally, AMD adopted the axle protection and EVO foot controls.

The plan, after the drag race ended this bike will be signed Ben Spies as a last memento then auctioned in AIMExpo 2013 in Orlando, Florida, USA. Tag of this Ducati Diavel sport bike is expected to reach U.S. $ 30,000.

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