Motorcycle Ducati Hyperstrada sold out

23 May

Detail specification and motor features of Ducati Hyperstrada sold out, the detail information

Ducati Hyperstrada sold out – Ducati Hyperstrada recently introduced PT. Supermoto Indonesia official distributor of Ducati in Indonesia sold out immediately. This shows the big motor sport touring style is so seductive and wants to have the consumer in this Asia country.

Ducati Hyperstrada

Ducati Hyperstrada sold out
Ducati Indonesia mentions of 17 units are owned, 15 of them have been booked. Even the remaining two are being held Ducati as a dealership display and consumer demand.

President Director of PT. Supermoto Indonesia, August Sani Nugroho, said there was a lot to bring the motorcycle unit to the stock. That’s because the value of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar is erratic. Moreover this Ducati model was imported directly from his native Italy that make the price soar.

“I had previously predicted, Hyperstrada will become a new idol of Ducati fans, in addition to Ducati Monster and Diavel. The reason, a comfortable sitting position, fitting for people in Asia, is also remarkable power. Light weight, agile, can be used in all road conditions,” said President Director of Ducati Indonesia August Sani Nugroho, as quoted from

Further Nugroho said for Ducati Hyperstrada enthusiasts who are not currently assigned to the fastest get it in early December.
Ducati Indonesia reiterated does not want to accumulate the stock because the condition of the rupiah against the U.S. dollar is not stable. It will provide a custom unit.

“In these conditions, we did not dare to accumulate the stock. Although many are interested to Ducati Hyperstrada, there should be no stock to stabilize the rupiah,” Nugroho lid.

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