Motorcycle Suzuki Access 125 special edition scooter

19 May

Detail specification and motor features of Suzuki Access 125 special edition scooter, the detail information

Suzuki Access 125 special edition scooter – Motorcycle manufacturer Suzuki brings scooter Access special edition in the Indian market. There is no significant change, only just a few touches in Suzuki Access 125 special edition scooter.

Suzuki Access 125

But the most special thing of this scooter is a noble goal made Access 125 Special Edition. Suzuki gave birth to this model to support the Being Human Foundation, a charity which initiated Bollywood actor, Salman Khan, similarly as reported by Motorbeam.

Suzuki has teamed up with Being Human Foundation. In addition to offering this special edition scooter, the foundation is also allowed to sell official merchandise in official Suzuki dealers.

Executive Vice President of Suzuki Motorcycle, Atul Gupta said the funds raised from the sale of merchandise is sold at Suzuki dealership will be channeled to the cost of education for underprivileged families, cataract surgery, cardiac surgery and spinal cord patients.

For information, Suzuki Access 125 Special Edition got logo “Apna Way of Life”, beige synthetic leather upholstery, and Being Human emblem on the front as well as chrome accents in some parts.

Suzuki tag Access 125 Special Edition scooter at price of 58,975 rupees. Suzuki target sales this scooter model as much as 40 thousand units.

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