Motorcycle Honda CBR250R into police motorcycle

19 May

Detail specification and motor features of Honda CBR250R into police motorcycle, the detail information

Honda CBR250R into police motorcycle – India police has a new fleet to deal with crime. This time, Honda CBR250R transformed into their official vehicles.
After read from autoevolution, Wednesday, to coincide with the event Security Expo 2016 in New Delhi, India, they showed a new look cop motorcycle based Honda CBR250R.

Honda CBR250R

Honda CBR250R into police motorcycle
Working closely with IJS Electronics accessories manufacturer, Honda CBR250R looks a competitor Ninja 250R is modified to make it more visible for patrol purposes.

As it lies in the addition of LED lights that can commemorate other riders, siren, PA system and other features which are typical of law enforcement motorcycle.

As information, Honda also plans to prepare 20 new models. Among them VFR800F, CTX1300, CBR650F, and CB650F. In addition, there is a CBR400R, CB400F, 400x, and CTX700 and SH 125 mode.
Of the names above, six models have not been announced, such as NCX50, CBR650F, CB600F, VFR800F, and CB250F. However, that makes the question comes from the CBR250R is not accompanied by such other price.

Do not forget the extra sticker Patrol Police also taped in several places, ranging from the fairing, body, and tanks.
For motor engine, Honda CBR250R is still using the standard 250cc engine that can generate power 26 hp and torque reaches 22.9 Nm.

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