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13 May

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The Future of in car technology – It has seemingly been a consistent theme that cars struggle to keep up with the world ofmodern technology. Remember the “car phone” before mobile phones were popular? For a number of reasons it is difficult to regulate the rate of technology advances in a moving vehicle, yet we can access information from a smart phone anywhere in the world. There are a ton of advances that have been accomplished over the last decade, and a good amount of technological strides that leaders in the automobile industry are looking forward to making in the next five years.

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Over The Next 5 Years
Cars have been struggling for years to catch up with the technology advances that are made with mobile phones and computers. However, over the next 5 years, cars are looking at potentially becoming completely Wi-Fi enabled, and give riders complete access to the Internet. Ford and Kia are already offering a similar capability that is Microsoft developed and gives customers the ability to sync to the Internet. The next step is a USB adaptor product that creates a “hub” like experience in the car for multiple users. This is a huge step in technology advancement because the USB adaptor is a small unit that takes the technology experience of the users one step closer to a larger technological break through.

What is Next?
At this point in time, the technology in the car is hardware based. This means that in order to upgrade or change your technology offerings you will need to take your car to a dealership or specialized car technology place and have the hardware changed or installed. There is a push in the direction of where car technology will be closer to that of the technology in a smart phone or tablet, where in order to change or upgrade your car’s technology, all you will have to do is upgrade the software, or switch apps. The push in the near future is to have the car technology make a switch from being all hardware based, to being mostly software based.

Having the technology in a car make the switch from being all hardware based to mostly software based would mean that users would go from needing to have hardware installed and changed to an experience that is much like that of a smart phone, computer, or tablet. You would no longer have to physically change and upgrade equipment, you would simply have to access your app store remotely and purchase a new app. The switching between functionality of the technology will be as easy as choosing a different app on your phone, computer, or tablet. If you would prefer to listen to an online music streaming site instead of the radio, then you can choose the music streaming application of your preference, access it from the app store, install the app, and have your music streaming application at your fingertips in the car.

These technological advances are going to make the driving experience much different for drivers and passengers. You will no longer have to rip your car apart in order to upgrade your technology, and switching between functionalities in your car will be as easy as the press of a touch screen button. You will have a lot more at your fingertips, and less distraction of finding each individual hardware device. The next five years will bring about a significant amount of change to the in car technology world.

Bradley Taylor is an automotive enthusiast who loves luxury cars, technology, pop music and writes on companies like BMW and Premium Cars Direct. He is also a keen tennis player and he’s always available on Google Plus.

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