Motorcycle New Toyota Supra birth at Detroit

13 May

Detail specification and motor features of New Toyota Supra birth at Detroit, the detail information

New Toyota Supra birth at Detroit – In future, new Toyota supra birth at Detroit. Toyota plans to introduce Supra Concept at the Detroit Motor Show 2016.

New Toyota Supra

The new edition will be convening the North American International Motor Show 2016 (NAIAS) in Detroit, January, some manufacturers are already preparing for this annual automotive event. One is Toyota, which is preparing to introduce Supra Concept car.

After read from Autoblog, New Toyota Supra Concept is prepared for the birth at the Detroit Motor Show. Toyota Supra Concept presenting as early introduce before the sports car was produced. Supra will be on top of the Toyota GT86 as a sports sedan available today.

If you are interested in the existence of the New Supra, do not be too quick to fall in love. Because, Toyota still has not produced it in quick time. Fastest will be launched in 2017, the production version.

New Toyota Supra will get a four-cylinder engine capacity of 2.5 liters, which will be powered by an electric motor. It was a little glimpse of New Toyota Supra sports sedan car.

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