Motorcycle Favorite used car colors

13 May

Detail specification and motor features of Favorite used car colors, the detail information

Favorite used car colors –  some car manufacturers today often display the new colors in every new model. In fact, there are some specific colors that ultimately makes the auto consumer must be willing to wait a bit longer, to get as desired.

car colors

But it does not apply to the sale and purchase of used car market. As stated Budi, used car entrepreneurs in the Middle Reef, Jakarta. The colors are a favorite new car is not necessarily to be an idol for used cars market. Even the price could be cheaper.

“The black car color and silver the most popular. Usually have a stable price, besides the colors tend to be less expensive price. I just do not dare to buy a car with a color other than that due to the old behavior. Unless the seller is willing to let the cheaper price 3 – 5 million,” said Budi.

Explained some car colors that are often avoided by the merchants, such as chocolate, champagne, red, and blue. Especially for models of MPV, SUV and sedan car. As for the gray and white are now starting much in demand.

Culture does not apply to city car model. The use of bright colors vehicle is still a favorite choice, such as red, yellow, green, and orange. “Especially for a city car, the colors of candy is still popular because it suits the character models are trend,” said Eva, retainer Sagung Motor.
So, want to choose what favorite used car colors?

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