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12 May

Detail specification and motor features of What else cars need? Lots of apps, the detail information

What else cars need? Lots of apps – Each time you stop at a red light, you take out your smartphones and start texting or tweeting. The moment the light goes green, everyone behind you is probably honking because you just can’t stop tweeting. From a technical point of view, your behavior is illegal but we have to admit that technology is addictive. Lots of new cars have sensors such as cameras and radars meant to detect when the light changes, but can cars alert you if the guy behind you has a stroke? Nope, it can’t; at least not yet anyway.

car dashboard

If cars were able to act like a Smartphone there’d probably be an app to make that happen. You may not realize it but cars are like computers. They’re really smart and can do very useful things. Automatic is an app start-up that offers its users advice on how to drive when driving. The well-funded company is trying to open the “black box”, which basically means it’s trying to make people realize how innovative cars can be.

Apple and its Siri integration in cars
Apple is looking to integrate its famous Siri app into car dashboards and in spite of some skepticism; the driving experience would greatly improve. We all know that Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs had plans to design the iCar, and recently Scott Forstall, SVP of Apple, displayed a few ways the company is planning to mix automobiles with phones. Siri, the iPhone’s witty virtual assistant most of you really enjoy could be making her way into the auto industry sometime in the future.

Ever since the announcement was made, Scott Forstall mentioned that several major car makers were interested in integrating Siri into their cars’ dashboards. Jaguar, MBW, Mercedes and General Motors were some of the names mentioned. Fast Company claims only some carmakers were open to that idea. At this point, Apple is taking baby steps. They have a strategy in mind; however it might take years for them to fully make a Siri app for cars.

Updating your car to the newest apps
Cars should have their very own app store. We should be able to upgrade them any time we want with innovative features crafted by savvy developers from across the globe. Do you want your radio presets and seat position to sync athwart all your cars? Do you want your vehicle to have a wireless breathalyzer that stops your car from starting if you’re too drunk to drive? Just like smartphones, cars can be prevailing combos of processors and sensors, and the moment app creators will get their hands on that authority, we will all be astounded by the myriad of ways we can pimp-our-cars from a digital point of view.

Integrating apps into a car is a rather slow-paced market, and that’s because innovations demand time to be polished and checked for errors. Apps for cars can’t be compared with apps for Smartphone because developers can’t afford to play with people’s lives. Turning a regular vehicle into an icar raises lots of safety and security concerns.

4G LTE connection – a new innovation from General Motors
As a response to the increasing tendency of cloud computing, General Motors has announced that Chevrolet drivers will be experiencing high-speed data through the newest OnStar 4G LTE connection, a network that runs on the world’s most reliable 4G networks. The announce was made at the Consumer Electronics Show, and it emphasized that their 2015 versions of Chevrolet Volt, Malibu, Corvette and Impala will be the first GM cars to equipped with such innovative technology.

In-car cloud systems will use signals to link components like the engine computer and GPS to evaluate car features such as gas stops for example. The idea of adding a secure cloud-computing system inside a vehicle could mean a lot for manufacturers struggling to make their models tech-friendly.

Auto experts are not just looking for convenience and functionality in car apps. They want their apps to increase safety while on the road and for that to happen manufacturers will have to team up with app gurus and major apps developers. Cars need apps but they don’t need them to look fancy, they need them to ease the driving experience and to make it smoother and more secure.

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