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11 May

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Comparing Caravan Insurance – There are many things that you need to consider when deciding how best to protect your static caravan. Should you consider the risks involved with moving your caravan at some point in the future, even if you don’t currently have plans to do so? Is it a good idea to insure the contents of your caravan as well? How do you distinguish between the trustworthy insurers and the not so trustworthy ones?


These are all important questions that must be asked and answered before you pick a suitable insurer for your static caravan. If you want a policy that’s good value for money, you’ve got to think about your personal requirements, say the experts at Relocation is a risky business and it is a good idea for caravan owners to be covered in case of damage. Yet, if those same caravan owners decide to move their static caravan using a legitimate company that specialises in such services – chances are, they’ll already be protected. Getting a good deal is all about being clued up – knowing your rights, being aware of the risks and taking an active interest in the life of your static caravan.

E&L Insurance
The E&L website promises to offer low cost caravan and camping cover, plus a 15% online premium discount and up to a 25% total discount on touring caravans. The company isn’t a specialist caravan insurer, it caters for equine, pet, wedding, boat, fishing and cycling customers as well. Non-specialist companies do tend to offer fairly low rates but many caravan owners don’t trust their expertise and choose to buy with specialist caravan companies instead. E&L claims to offer a choice of cover to suit all budgets and it’s almost certainly true. This is a good, trustworthy company who’s static caravan insurance is significantly less expensive than their touring caravan insurance.

IntaSure is another popular caravan insurer, one that specialises in static caravan cover this time. There’s no real reason evidence to suggest that companies who don’t specialise in caravan insurance are any less reliable than those who do. Nevertheless, many caravan owners will only buy with specialist companies – they feel very deeply about their second homes and they choose very carefully when it comes to legally protecting them. InstaSure claims to offer ‘wider protection’ than a lot of other UK insurers and it is true that they do include public liability cover as standard. Public liability cover is absolutely vital for anybody who wishes to let out their caravan – it protects a static caravan owner for any damage that may occur whilst the caravan is being used by others.

NACO Services
When it comes to static caravans, NACO is widely regarded as one of the best advisory services in the country. Its static insurance policy has been specifically developed to both meet and exceed the demands of caravan owners all across the UK. With well over 30,000 members, it’s fair to say that NACO is very popular indeed with static caravan owners. The ‘members only’ nature of NACO insurance means that policies are personal, adaptable and cost effective. This company isn’t commonly cited as one of the best in the UK for nothing.

Life Sure Caravan
Life Sure Caravan is a well established and well trusted static caravan insurer. The company has been operating since 1971 and offers a 40% discount on static policies. They pride themselves on never rushing into a deal but instead take the time to talk honestly about the pros and cons of caravan insurance with their customers. The experts at Life Sure Caravan point out that they’re ‘not a call centre,’ and they offer independent advice as they have no ties to providers.

Author Bio: Ryan is an experienced caravan dealer and enthusiast. He recommends NACO Services for high quality, affordable static caravan insurance. Ryan can usually be found negotiating over deals with customers or placing ads on his personal website.

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