Motorcycle Ford Everest Concept at Beijing motor show

10 May

Detail specification and motor features of Ford Everest Concept at Beijing motor show, the detail information

Ford Everest Concept at Beijing motor show – Ford Everest Concept first show last year in Australia. Then, Ford Everest Concept also featured in the Bangkok Motor Show event, Thailand. Ford Everest is now perilously close to production and display at the Beijing Motor Show.

Ford Everest Concept

Ford Everest Concept at Beijing motor show
Designed on the basis of the T6 Ranger pickup, Ford Everest introduce a seven-passenger SUV concept. Car manufacturers from the United States that is devoted to design Everest for the Asian market.

In China, Ford is the manufacturer of the fastest selling. Everest Concept also brought to China because Ford intends to produce it locally, working together with local producers Jiangling Motors. It would be an interesting move, because the current SUV model Ford partnered with Chongqing Changan Automobile.

Ford managed to sell 271,321 cars in China in the first quarter. This figure is slightly smaller than the Nissan or Hyundai. However, demand continues to increase with the Ford car sales in Focus main.

Ford Everest Concept design brings slenderness and elegance that combines technical detail bold and tough. Headlights trapezoidal grille is made connected with reverse which makes it looks more character.

At the stern, the rear lights are placed on top of the scallop which gives a negative impression of a strong and sculpted liftgate contrast with traditional SUVs. A high ground clearance of this Ford Everest Concept car show ready to be invited to bulldoze off-road terrain.

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