Motorcycle different of radial tire and bias tires

10 May

Detail specification and motor features of different of radial tire and bias tires, the detail information

Different of radial tire and bias tires. Tires are the most important part of a vehicle, because wheel the only one that have direct contact with the pavement (ground). Although the most important factor, many vehicle owners often ignore.

radial tire

What is different of radial tire and bias tires
Not concerned for the rider to use the tire caused by many factors. Such as lack of information about the structure of the tires which is used to support both comfort and safety in driving.

There are two structures that tires are often used by tire manufacturers world ie bias and radial structure. Radial tire itself is inherently different than bias tires are still widely used in developing countries.

In the radial tire wire layer spread around the axis of the tire, the surface of the outer peak is composed of several layers that make up the structure of the tire. It makes the surface of the outer peaks and the tires have different properties.

While the bias tires, the skeleton is composed of several layers of wire are arranged in a diagonal cross at an angle to the center line of the tire rim. Structure between the outer surface of the tire peaks have a uniform mechanical properties.

Judging from the differences in construction, for bias tires when turning, the tire tread will move to follow the tire elasticity and can result in changes in the contact area of ??the tire with the road surface. A shift tires with the road surface.

As for radial tires, especially for the Michelin X radial tire sidewall and tread work separately, so as not to reduce the change of the area of contact between the tire with the road surface, reducing the friction between the tire and the road surface.

Seen from different of radial tire and bias tires, radial tires have a longer service life advantages, the grip is very good power, stable and easy to control due to the crown that has a layer of stabilizer, and saving fuel.

For radial tires also have comfort while driving for a good vertical flexibility, and always operate in cold conditions: no movement between the layers of the framework tires, without tire friction with the road surface.

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