Motorcycle Details cars look seductive at Beijing Motor Show

10 May

Detail specification and motor features of Details cars look seductive at Beijing Motor Show, the detail information

Details cars look seductive at Beijing Motor Show – Beijing Motor Show 2016 mat used automobile manufacturers to showcase their best work. This is understandable because China is an important car market where lanterns State as the country with the highest vehicle sales in the world.

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

This automotive exhibition runs from 21 to 29 April 2014 in the Beijing China International Exhibition Center Hall. Not only the big automotive brands who market globally, a number of local car manufacturers helped enliven this event.

Of the many exhibitors, there are at least 10 cars to look seductive and drew the attention of the public. Similarly, as reported by Inautonews. Here are the details cars look seductive at Beijing Motor Show:

Mercedes-Benz Coupe Concept
Candidates SUV (sports utility vehicle) is the latest Mercedes-Benz will be the challenger to the BMW X6. Stuttgart-based manufacturer is rumored to go into production lines. The production version will have the same dimensions with the model concept.

BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept
The German car concept will be the future model of the 7 Series sedan premium. Besides charming design, this luxury car will be equipped with a series of latest technology.

Lexus NX200t
This model will be a crossover compact than the Lexus. Japanese premium car manufacturer is planning this concept model to enter production phase.

Lexus NX200t

Citroen DS 6WR
SUV (sports utility vehicle) has a name that is difficult to pronounce, even so the design was so tempting. Citroen also hope this model can be accepted that the Chinese market began to idolize SUV.

Exalt Peugeot Concept
French sports sedan has a very aggressive design. This model will be rival Mercedes-Benz CLS.

Volkswagen New Midsize Coupe
German sedan is made ??to keep the identity of the VW. Although not a new car, but this model has a design that is so tempting.

Hyundai ix25
Shown at the 2014 Beijing motor show debut crossover is a South Korean. This car model will challenge the Nissan Juke and Ford EcoSport.

Ford Everest
This model represents a new generation of SUV Everest. Design and dimensions changed. Ford claims the new model is more convenient, powerful yet fuel-efficient.

Volkswagen Golf R Concept 400
This model is a celebration of 40 years of the VW Golf. This concept car is equipped with engines powered to 400 hp. Acceleration from 0-100 kph only takes 3.8 seconds.

Audi TT Concept Offroad
This model has a very sturdy design. Expected, the production version has not changed much from the concept model. The car is rumored to be using the e-tron hybrid engine capable of blowing power up to 400 hp.

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