Motorcycle Project LiveWire Harley Davidson electric motorcycle

7 May

Detail specification and motor features of Project LiveWire Harley Davidson electric motorcycle, the detail information

Project LiveWire Harley Davidson electric motorcycle – Large engined motorcycle manufacturer, Harley Davidson, has just announced its first electric-powered motors, Project LiveWire. This motor will be the answer to the U.S. automaker plans to bring an electric motorcycle.

electric motorcycle

Project LiveWire Harley Davidson electric motorcycle
When read at Visordown, the presence of electric motorcycles appeared on the official website of Harley Davidson. If most Harley-Davidson motorcycles characterized by a booming voice coming from the V-Twin engine. For the latest HD electric motor will have a sound like a jet coming from the electric machine.

This bike comes with a shape like a naked motorbike, with enough futuristic appearance and is equipped with an electric engine located under the machine, the trellis frame that shows strong impression on the motor.

HD itself is planning to provide the opportunity for some people to test this bike, and expect input from the tester to make a production electric motorcycle is more perfect.

To test this bike Harley Davidson plans to bring some LiveWire project touring around the country, even in this touring will pass through the path of the legendary Route 66. For HD next year plans to bring this bike further up in Canada and Europe.

For information, this motorcycle will be equipped with an electric motor which is equivalent to 74 horsepower with a maximum torque of 52 lb-ft. This Harley Davidson electric motorcycle can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4 seconds, but the smart electricity system in the engine limits the maximum speed of only 148 km/h.

Harley Davidson electric

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