Motorcycle Mahindra planning to launch new motorcycle

2 May

Detail specification and motor features of Mahindra planning to launch new motorcycle, the detail information

Mahindra planning to launch new motorcycle – After the failure of the first generation of the 110cc Stallio, Mahindra car manufacturers are planning to launch a new motorcycle. After a long time, Mahindra is now ready to launch Duro DZ and Rodeo RZ revised version of the old scooter Kinetic SYM venture.

stallion motor

Mahindra planning to launch new motorcycle
Learning from past failures, now Mahindra is ready to launch three newest motorcycle. As is known, the second generation of Stallio is Diwali and Mojo confirmation is currently undergoing testing and ready to be launched this year.

Then, what about the third motorcycle? Specifications of the Mahindra third bike is not yet clearly revealed, but one of the senior officials Mahindra has confirmed if it will bring three new models for the Indian market.

According to Viren Popli, Senior VP of Mahindra 2-Wheelers, the company has received many requests for Mojo and will soon launch in the near future.
The company also has been evaluating various options for presenting new motorcycle products for various segments.

When viewed as a whole, Stallio will be positioned as an entry level model commuter and Mojo will be positioned as a motor sport that is most likely Mahindra will bring a model that can bridge between the two products.

After read from Motorbeam, most likely the products in accordance with market demand Hindustan Land is Sym Wolf SB125. Motorcycle with capacity 125cc, 5-speed carburetor, and the fuel injection option in India, the motor is considered to be a third bike to be launched Mahindra.

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